Eligibility & Enrolment Procedure!

The enrolment at PNC is strictly merit based to qualifying students. The candidates need to fill up the application form made available from the college and complete the following procedure. Failing to meet the criteria will be considered disqualified.

  • The students securing at least ‘C’ in the SLC or equivalent will be eligible to apply. .
  • They must pass the Entrance test and Interview.

Evaluation & Examination System

PNC has its own Assessment & Evaluation Mechanism. To appraise the progress of the students, PNC conducts Two Terminal Exams and Pre-Board Exam in addition to weekly test and monthly test:

  • The students must pass the Pre-Board Examination to be qualified for the Board Examination.
  • They must have minimum 80% attendance to be able to appear in the Board Examination.

Teaching Methodology

Teaching methodology at PNC is innovative and student-centred. The PNC faculties are highly professional and experienced who are equipped with sufficient teaching tools and techniques. The instruction pedagogies are).

  • Student oriented and curriculum-based instruction.
  • Application of various innovative methods viz-lecturing, demonstration, inquiry and discovery.
  • Seminars, workshops, symposium, field trips, excursions.
  • Regular assignments, project works, research programmes, dissertation skills.
  • Audio-visual aids.
  • Instant feedback and corrective measures.
  • Formative, progressive and summative assessment to guarantee the academic excellence.

Precious College Scholarship Scheme

PNC has a myriad of scholarships and stipends ranging from partial to full scholarship particularly to the needy and the worthy students who apply and vie for winning. The detail of the merit based scholarship scheme is as follows:

S. No.

Type of Scholarship



Scheme in Management



Excellence Award


A+ Grade  in SLC

Full scholarship



Special Merit Award


A Grade in SLC

100% in Admission & 50% in Monthly





B+ Grade IN SLC

100% IN SLC & 20% in Monthly



PNC Excellence Award


Class XI topper in HSEB Exam from PNC

Total Monthly Fee



Full/Partial Scholarship


Indigenous/ethnic /disadvantaged/ remote area /Schedule Caste

50% off in Admission  



Need based Scholarship


Brilliant students facing financial hardship

50% off in Admission  and 20% in Monthly



Sponsored Scholarship


Subject to availability of sponsors and given funds

100% or 50%  off in Admission  



  • One student is not eligible to entertain more than one scheme.
  • Scholarship schemes are subject to change and cancel any time if the students fail to strictly maintain the rules and regulations of the college.
  • The continuity of the scholarship granted to the students of grade XI is subject to the maintenance of same percentage as of SLC in Board Examination conducted by HSEB.